Welcome to the Wharton Business Technology Conference 2009

Wharton Business Technology Conference, formerly known as the Wharton Technology Conference, is a premier conference for those interested in staying at the forefront of business technology. Attendees include prominent global business leaders, press, faculty and students, who gather together to exchange innovative ideas and business solutions. Held annually since 1996, it is run by accomplished MBA students from The Wharton School, all of whom have particular interests and experiences in the Technology Industry.

Featuring Industry Leaders

With more than 50 panelists, moderators and keynote speakers the Wharton Business Technology Conference 2009 is one of the world's premier MBA conferences and the biggest technology event in the Philadelphia area.

Keynote speakers

They influence the global technology setting and we are proud to have them as our keynote speakers:

Future Unleashed

Our conference theme is Future Unleashed. We will explore new innovations and technology trends from Open Innovation, Cloud Computing, social networks, digital media and other areas. We will take a close look at business models used by companies, challenges facing organizations exploring these new technologies and approaches used by them to keep up with these new trends. Our conference will host discussions with industry leaders on many such interesting topics to help identify the strategies, capabilities, and technologies that organizations must develop to tackle the challenge and opportunity presented by future technologies


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